Prairie (Gray Headed) Coneflower

prairie- gray headed- yellow cone flower



The prairie cone flower has yellow leaves hanging down from the cone.The coneflower is   located in the center of the plant. The seeds are located in the  cone.

They can be found in Northern Mexico,Illinois,South America,and Iowa.  


This is the seedling.  The seedling can get up to 6-7 inches.





The flower is untroubled by pest and disease.  It need's water use.  It also needs sun.  Moist conditions or dry



Here is the prairie coneflower. It is a beautiful plant and you would love to learn more about all of it's colors and more! The bloom period is June to July. They call it the prairie coneflower cause of how it's leaves droop down. It's seeds get eaten by songbirds. The plant really likes the full sun of light cause it needs all of the sunlight to grow. There are more coneflower names. The common name is The Yellow Prairie Coneflower. It is the top ten most beautiful plant in the prairie. The seeds are black and brown color. The seeds grow really slow. It takes almost 1 to 2 years to grow. It has tap roots.  caution: It grows agressivly and may push out weaker plants. Stratify at 40 degrees ferinheight.


The cone flowers scientific (latin) name is ratibida pinnata

other names are, yellow headed cone flower also gray headed cone flower.

coneflower%252F%3B375%3B450      Prairie Coneflower, Upright Prairie Coneflower, Mexican Hat - Ratibida columnifera, R. Columnaris


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