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White Prairie Clover 



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                                  Common Name:White Prairie Clover

                                                  Other Name:Petalostemon Candidum

                                                  Scientific(Latin)Name:Dalea Candida

                                                Plant family:Bean family (Fabaceae)


Habitat: Sun, dry to moderate prairies, rocky or sandy soil. They can also be found in rich soil. A little light and shade. The White Prairie Clover addapts very well to the temp. Dry desert and alluvial soils. Prairies and open woods on sandy, clay, and rocky soils.


Characteristics: Height: up to 2ft. The white flowers crowded into cylindrical spikes, bloom first at the bottom and progress upwards along the column. This finely leaved plant has a single or, perhaps, a few stems rising from a common base. The roots are about 5 feet deep.


Bloom Period: May through October (late spring to summer)


Threats: Native American brew tea from their leaves and used the raw roots as food, and droughts.


Interesting Facts: The White Prairie Clover is bigger than the Purple Prairie Clover. some people plant the white prairie clovers seeds with other kinds of plants here because the plant is very native to Iowa. The White Prairie Clover is a native plant. The White Prairie Clover grows in many different types of habitats, including: several types of prairies, foothills, woods, forests, and disturbed areas. It is native to North America, where it can be found in: Central Canada, The Central United States, and Northern Mexico. It can sometimes be found outside its range as an: "Introduced Species". The fruit is a green, oval Legume Pod, containing one single seed. The plant itself grows to about a meter, but its taproot grows down to five or six feet deep.


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