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Purple Prairie Clover

Page history last edited by crochford 6 years, 7 months ago

                                                   Purple Prairie Clover    Thanks for visiting the website


     Our plant is the "Purple Prairie Clover" the scientific name or Latin name for my plant is Dalea Purpurea!










                                                                                 The leaves divide in to 3-9 shiny leaves


flowering plant





Common Name: Purple Prairie Clover

Scientific Name: Dalea Purpurea

Plant Family: Fabacea (Bean)

Bloom period: May-September

Threats: Droughts, Floods, Bison, Moles, fires(sometimes can help)

Caracteristics: It is slow to develop, and it's very adaptable

Habitat: It's common in most grassland habitat

Interesting Facts: *Common in Native seed mixes

*It can be used for erosion control  

More Info

It needs lot of soil and sun in order to grow into a beautiful flower


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