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Pale Purple Coneflower

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Distribution Map




                             http://www.agr.gc.ca/eng/science-and-innovation/science-publications-and-resources/resources/canadian-medicinal-crops/medicina    http://www.windowtowildlife.com/tag/pale-purple-coneflower/ 


Common Name:Pale Purple Coneflower

                Other Name: Pale Kansas Snake Root

                Scientific (Latin) name: Echinacea Pallida

                      Plant family: Asteraceae


              Where is it located-The Pale Purple Coneflower lives in dry areas. They are mostly found in  all of the USA. It is also found in Glades, Savannas,and Prairies in the central tall grass regions. This wonderful plant can be grown in almost anywhere. 



              Instructions on growing them- If you want to plant one of these plant, you must use very little water so it won't drowned. The Pale Purple Coneflower can only grow with 70 degree temp. or above weather. The cold weather makes these plants die forever. The Purple Coneflower need full sunlight. The Pale Purple Coneflower enjoys drained sandy soil. The Purple Coneflower grows best in dry to average soil. May take 3 years to grow after seedling. The Purple Coneflower blooms in June and July. Always remember to give the flower water every other day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday). 

              Facts- The Pale Purple Coneflower can be grown for medicine. The Pale Purple Coneflower is used for comercial medical reasons. The Pale Purple Coneflower used to fill the USA , but almost died of because of settlers. The Pale Purple Coneflower has very strong tap roots. The leafs are 4 times longer than wider. 

             Threats- Pesticides, humans, animals, and floods.  


       There are many ways we can help the prairie. One way we can protect the prairie is to prevent prairie fires and stop litter in prairies. 












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