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Gray Headed (Prairie) Coneflower

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Gray Headed Coneflower

Interesting facts: Plants can get up to 5 ft. It has a lot of different names. Grayheaded coneflower is often called that for its gray seed head. Grayheaded coneflower looks like another plant. Which is the prairie coneflower. Its life cycle perennial. Often called gray headed coneflower for its gray seed head.






















habitats: prairies and savannahs woodland edges also roadsides.

Characteristics;leaves divided into 3 to 7 leaflets with a few theth or small side lobes along the margins the plant is 3-5 ft.

Bloom period

June through September.

threats: Other plants can take sun away. If we get a lot of rain it will flood.




Gray-headed coneflower root







 http://grownative.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/ghead_coneflower_juv.jpg seeds














                                                                    Made by: 5th graders New Hampton     

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