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New Hampton Educational Prairie

Happenings and Timeline


Spring 2008- New Hampton Educational Prairie planting established


Summer of 2008- NHEP was mowed several times and weeded-roots of the prairie plants are

                              establishing themselves, hopefully have a few plants bloom

10/30/08- 5th grade science classes visit the prairie and identified:

                         Partridge Pea

                         Illinois Bundle Flower

                         Blackeyed Susans

                         Sideoats Grama


June 2009- Mowed to cut down on weeds and promote root growth in native plants

August 2009- Weed Eater used to trim down "non-native" prairie plants.

                         Evidence of: Illinois Bundle Flower, Partridge Pea, Black Eyed Susans, Side Oats Grama,

                                             Little Bluetem, Western Wheat Grass, Purple Prairie Clover

October 2009- 5th graders are currently collecting information and working on the Prairie Plant Guide

October 19, 2009- 5th grade classes took a walking trip to the prairie and identified:

                              Big Bluestem, Side Oats Grama, Partridge Pea, Little Bluestem, Western Wheat Grass,

                              Indian Grass, Gray Headed Coneflower, Black Eyed Susan, and a lot of insects.

July 2010- Weed Eater used to trim down a few sections of "non-native" plants.  White Prairie Clover was present for the first time.

September 29, 2010-  5th Grade classes too a walking trip to the prairie and identified:

                              Big Blue Stem, Side Oats Grama, Partridge Pea, Little Bluestem, Western Wheat Grass,

                              Indian Grass, Gray Headed Coneflower, Black Eyed Susan, Illinois Bundle Flower


Spring 2011- Attempted first prairie burn with the help of the Chickasaw County Conservation.  Unfortunately not enough fuel down below, so we are going to try and mow it 3 times this summer/fall to build up some under layers and try to burn it again next spring.

September 2011- 5th Grade classes walked out to the prairie and identified plants.

October 2011- Mowed the prairie down to prepare for a spring burn.

Spring 2011- Planned on burning prairie, but the plants hadn't grown enough this spring to burn, so postponed burn to next fall.

April 27, 2012- 5th Graders went out and planted approximately 30 plant seedlings they had started in the classroom.  They also over-seeded the entire prairie with all 14 variations of plants originally seeded in the prairie.

August 2012- Mowed to help eliminate invasive plants (especially thistles).

November 9- 5th graders walked out to the prairie, still short with the August mowing, but were able to identify- Coneflowers, Blackeyed Susans, Indian Grass, Little Bluestem.


Future Plans-

Spring of 2014 hoping for a prairie burn.


Prairie Plant Q&A from the Iowa Department of Transportation

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